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The Wake up Call

A film by Alison Gilkey and Eric Neudel

We are excited to announce that our new film is almost completed!

Every year, thousands of young men and women sign up to serve in the military – some driven by a concept that it is their patriotic duty, some driven to escape harsh economic reality. This film explores the realities of war and collateral damage, and redefines the concept of patriotism, rejecting the blind acceptance and inevitability of war and instead embracing a dedication to humankind: veterans, refugees, fellow citizens, and even current and former adversaries. We introduce the viewer to those who fought, those who waited behind to pick up the pieces or wait for a flag draped coffin, and the inevitable wave of refugees and injured civilians. In today’s environment of lies, propaganda and war mongering, this is a timely and important conversation. The characters in the film, despite having seen and participated in atrocious acts, have found a new sense of meaning that will be uplifting for everyone.

GoFundMe Campaign

If you would like to help us finish the final technical aspects of this film, please click on the link below to our GoFundMe campaign where you will find much more information about where we are and where we hope to go!

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